What If there's no one to question?

I'm thinking about this for quite a while.

What I would have done, If I didn't join a full time job in past 8 years?

~8 years into Software Development and expecting another 20y at least on this path. Looking back, I'm happy with few works of mine.

But, outside the professional career, what is that I have done? What If I had enough wealth and there's no need to work at all?

What would have been my learning in the past 8 years? What is that I would have done to look back and feel back happy about?

Honestly, I feel like I would not have done anything better if not for a full time job.

So, Why I did something at a org. on a full time job and why I would not have done that if left alone?

Simple. There is someone / some process that is constantly asking me to do something for the money given to me. If not for that, I would have done nothing?

This leads to another question. Let's assume if there is no one ask you any questions / assign something to you, what will happen?

For Employer, I had committed to 40h / week at least, but post that? Over the weekends?

What's the valuable / quantifiable thing I had done when my hours are not committed to my employer? ( Alright, I'm not gonna bring the family time, kids , parents , friends etc. ) I understand not every hour you need to run towards producing some value / creating something. but just asking myself...

There have been multiple possibilities my mind saying that I could have done this, I could have done that etc. but, the truth is . There is nothing i can show to the world.

As said by Three Eyed Raven " The past is already written and Ink is dry", I'm not gonna worry about the opportunities that is lost.

Let's focus on the future.

This blog is more like Me talking to Me. But, I wanna put this out to the world just to see if this blog can create some similar thought waves into their mind.

It's as simple as this " If you're doing something not because of the commitment given to someone else, that's could be your passion"

Alright, I wish you great time. Thanks for spending 2m on reading this. :-)